Tin's commissions

Commission Status: closed

sketch examples

painting examples


additional charges for detailed designs/props/etc
background charges vary on complexity


headshot - 50 usd
waist-up - 60 usd
fb - 75 usd


headshot - 80 usd
waist-up - 95usd
fb - 110 usd


starting at 90 USD

Can't Draw
Gore, Mecha, Furry¹, NSFW²

¹ I'm willing to try drawing furries/anthro/hrothgar but depending on the design I might decline/base price is subject to change.
² Suggestive requests are fine.


Upon request for a commission, it is to my understanding that clients have reviewed and agreed with the terms below.

  1. I have the right to decline a commission if I cannot complete it.

  2. Commissions are for personal, non-commercial use unless otherwise is discussed.*

  3. Payment is through Paypal invoice or Ko-fi.

  4. I reserve the right to use finished commissions in my portfolio/social media unless I am asked to keep a commission private.

  5. Significant revisions can only be made in the sketch stage. Past the sketch stage, there are 3 free revisions - any following revisions will cost extra.

  6. There will be NO full refunds after the commission has been started.

  7. I do not allow my work to be used, listed, or minted as NFTs.

  8. I do NOT consent for my art to be used for AI training.

  9. Work may be streamed or posted to social media as WIPs. Please speak with me if you wish for your commission to remain private.

  10. Clients may ask for updates at any time.

*For commercial inquiries please email me.